The Beverley Beech Project


The Beverley Beech Project

An Access Fund to Support Low Income Families With 1-1 Holistic Care – No mother should experience birth trauma

You will likely know someone who has experienced birth trauma, or you may have sadly experienced this yourself. Birth trauma is very common but it is certainly not normal! Unfortunately, modern maternity services are no longer ‘with woman’ but ‘with system’ this is simply not conducive to positive birth outcomes. For years I tried to change the maternity system from the inside but soon realised the system works perfectly well for the system, just not the women using it! So I created a new one! The aim is not to criticise, but to create!

Hi, my name is Nickita Starck, and I am honoured to introduce myself as the founder of When Push Comes To Shove (WPCTS), the most rapidly expanding alternative maternity structure worldwide. Our organisation is dedicated to providing superior, holistic maternity care and education, with our presence already established in 10 countries and still counting. At WPCTS, we offer a wide range of services, ranging from holistic maternity care on a one-on-one basis throughout pregnancy and childbirth to online courses on pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond, including hypnobirthing and trauma healing sessions.
Moreover, we offer fully comprehensive training courses for individuals aspiring to become a holistic birth practitioners, and we also provide advocacy services that work collaboratively with The Autonomy Hotline ensuring families have access to the necessary support and education about their human rights in birth.

Our statistics confirm that our maternity care model is successful, with a remarkable 68% home birth rate, 100% breastfeeding, and only 4% induction and 11% c-section rate. At WPCTS, we are committed to enhancing our services continually and lowering our c-section rate. To achieve this, we conduct research on key components of our birth outcomes to determine what factors improve childbirth. We are not resting on our laurels, we want these statistics to be better!

What is The Beverley Beech Project?

Introducing The Beverley Beech Project, formerly known as the WPCTS access fund, as an unincorporated charity to enable low-income families worldwide to access continuity of care throughout pregnancy and childbirth, leading to positive birth outcomes. The fund also finances scholarships for individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford our training courses. The Beverley Beech Project is named after Beverley Lawrence Beech, a renowned WPCTS ambassador who supported me throughout my efforts to establish this organisation. She was the chair of AIMS for 40 years and the author of the influential book “Am I Allowed?” Beverly was my friend, mentor, and source of inspiration and strength, and I was humbled when she entrusted me to continue her life’s work by taking over her famous book, ‘Am I Allowed?’ With Nadine Edwards’ oversight, I agreed to write new editions, and I promised Beverley that I would continue her legacy in my unique way, with every beat of my proud heart.
Beverley asked that the proceeds of her book go to this access fund so we can continue to help low-income families all around the world. Not only will her book continue to inspire and empower thousands of women, but the sales will also support thousands more!

When Push Comes To Shove is the future of maternity care, and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure no woman is left alone. We aim to change this world for the better, one birth at a time, and we invite everyone to join us on this transformative journey. Whether you want to make regular donations, organise a fundraiser yourself or make a one-time donation, you will be contributing to the health of women all around the world to ensure they are given every chance for an empowered birth.
Please give what you can so women of earth can take back their birth!
With love & gratitude,

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