Navigate the System Workshop

Learn to make the right birth choices

More and more women are being referred to social services for their birth choices. This can leave them feeling anxious, scared with no understanding of their rights or what to do next.

Whether you’re a parent-to-be, a birth worker supporting families, or someone seeking to reinforce your rights and choices, this course offers valuable insights into the mechanisms of the maternity sector, social services, and associated legal frameworks. Each module is crafted to shed light on specific areas of concern, from understanding referrals to safeguarding thresholds and the nuances of the NHS Constitution.

The journey of bringing a new life into the world, or supporting someone through it, should be a time of joy and empowerment. Yet, sometimes, external systems and processes can inadvertently create barriers or cause distress. Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to navigate these systems with confidence, ensuring that your choices and voices are respected and upheld.

Through this course, we strive to:

  1. Demystify complex processes and terminologies.
  2. Foster an understanding of the rights and protections available.
  3. Encourage proactive engagement with the system.
  4. Promote a collaborative approach between parents, birth workers, and service providers.

In a world where systems and regulations can sometimes unintentionally sabotage the birth experience, “Navigate The System Workshop” seeks to be your trusted guide, ensuring that you emerge informed, empowered, and above all, heard.

Let’s embark on this journey together, ensuring that every step you take is one of confidence and empowerment.

What’s covered?

Workshop Content

Pregnancy law

Understand the Law

When it comes to navigating the system it is important to understand the law, your human rights in childbirth and how to navigate the system correctly. We teach key principles to understand which laws protect your human rights and how to use them.

Medical ethics

Medical Ethics

We teach the principle of ethics to better understand how families end up in the social care system, how to support them and learning potential triggers.

What is mental capacity?

It is all well and good knowing you can give birth how and where you like, but it is also essential  to have a good understanding of the Mental Capacity Act when making decisions about your birth because it outlines the legal framework for decision-making when an individual lacks the capacity to make their own decisions.

Social services

Social Services

Understanding how social services work is crucial if you make “controversial” childbirth choices because it can help you/your client navigate any potential legal or social consequences that may arise from your choices. For example, if you choose to give birth at home without medical supervision or to refuse certain medical interventions during childbirth, you may be at risk of being reported to social services or having your parenting abilities questioned.


How to complain

Understanding how to make a complaint effectively can help women to raise concerns and receive a satisfactory response, which can lead to improvements in the quality of care. It can also provide valuable feedback to healthcare providers and policymakers, helping to inform future decisions about maternity care.

The NHS Constitution

THE NHS Constitution

Understanding the NHS constitution is crucial when engaging in maternity care. The NHS constitution outlines the fundamental rights and principles of the National Health Service, including the right to receive high-quality care that is safe, effective, and tailored to the individual’s needs. In the context of maternity care, this means that women have the right to make informed choices about their care, to receive respectful treatment, and to have access to appropriate support and information throughout their pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal period.

About the course

What you will learn

Our comprehensive course helps parents and birth workers navigate a system that often fails women. Empower yourself and take control of your birth experience.

Sadly, modern day maternity can be a living nightmare for many women. The system is not set up for women-centered care, and more and more women are seeking to take control of their birth experience. At WPCTS, we understand that those who have control over birth decisions every step of the way are significantly less likely to experience trauma. We want to help you know your rights and options.

With so many stringent guidelines in place, it can be hard to achieve a normal birth. Freebirth is becoming more popular, but many women are reported to social services for their birth choices. We understand the challenges you face and want to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to navigate an often unforgiving system.

Our comprehensive course is suitable for both parents and birth workers, and covers everything from your rights to dealing with social services. Don’t take any chances with your birth experience – empower yourself and take control. Sign up for our course today.

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