Pregnancy & Birth Services

Are you looking for independent pregnancy care?

We provide bespoke non-clinical care. We can support you alongside the maternity system or outside of it completely. You have no legal obligation to accept maternity care from the system.

Online Doula Course

Doula/Birth Keeper Services

1-1 care throughout your entire pregnancy and birth. This can also extend through to post-natal too. Choose from one of our certified doulas or birth keepers.

1-1 Zoom Consultations

Sometimes pregnancy choices can seem very overwhelming, so we offer 1-1 zoom consultations to offer expert help and support for your personal circumstances.

Online Birth attendant course
Online Doula Course


Our in house hypnobirthing experts can offer bespoke sessions to prepare you for a calm and tranquil birth.

Trauma Healing Sessions

Sadly birth trauma is far too common, although not normal! We offer ‘Three Step Rewind’ services to help you begin to heal from your birth trauma. We also offer silent counciling. Get in touch to find out which method will align with you.

Online Birth attendant course
Online Doula Course

Pregnancy Advocacy services

Navigating the maternity system can be a living nightmare for many women. Understanding your rights and knowing your options are our speciality. We help with compaliants, social services and birth plan wishes.

“Such a supportive community. Nikita and the team care ever so much about their clients and members of their WPCTS community. They provide insightful information which is hard to come by elsewhere and it means I have left my encounters with them encouraged and more empowered. So glad to have come across these gems in the birthworld.”

“10/10 would recommend Nickita’s spiritual doula course!!!
The doula course was packed with loads of amazing information. Lots of useful resources to look at as well. It was engaging and the group had a nice amount of people in. Would recommend!!”

Holly Burley
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