Birth Trauma Recovery

Take steps to recover from birth trauma
no matter how long ago you gave birth with Three Step Rewind.

The Three Step Rewind is a powerful therapeutic technique used to help women who have experienced birth trauma. This technique involves a three-step process that is designed to help women process and release the emotions and feelings associated with their traumatic birth experience.

Step 1 involves revisiting the traumatic event in a safe and supportive environment. The woman is guided through a series of questions and prompts to help her recall the details of the experience, including any emotions or physical sensations she may have experienced at the time.

Step 2 involves a relaxation exercise, which helps the woman to connect with her body and release any tension or anxiety she may be feeling. This step is designed to help the woman feel more grounded and present in the moment.

Step 3 involves a visualization exercise, in which the woman is guided to imagine a different outcome to the traumatic event. This step helps the woman to reframe her experience and create a new, more positive narrative about her birth experience.

By using the 3 Step Rewind technique, women who have experienced birth trauma can release the emotional and psychological impact of their experience, allowing them to move forward with a greater sense of empowerment and healing.

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