Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond Advocacy service

Designed to help new mothers navigate the healthcare system

Our advocacy service for pregnancy, birth, and beyond is a type of support service that helps expectant and new mothers navigate the healthcare system, understand their rights and options, and advocate for themselves and their families. These services can provide information, resources, and emotional support to mothers who are struggling to navigate the complex healthcare and social services systems.

Mothers may need to use an advocacy service if they are finding it difficult to access the care and support they need during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. This could be due to a variety of factors, such as a lack of information about available services, difficulty communicating with healthcare providers, or facing discrimination or bias. Additionally, some mothers may be referred to social services because of their choices and not engaging with the system.

This service works on a donation basis. If you are on a low income we do not charge for these services. We work closely with the Autonomy Hotline.

We are here to help so please get in touch.

“Thank you so much to Nush and Nickita.
Me and my family are really grateful for helping us understand our rights and understanding the difference between guidelines/legal/law.
My family wish they spoke to you before, but better than never speaking To you at all.
Nickita and Nush both helped us get through an emotional time. They are very supportive.
My sister was stubborn but that did not stop them helping us all and enabling us to be a united family with positive energy.
We learnt that we should be positive around the baby as any negative energy is going to upset the baby,
We learnt that we must stand our ground and don’t be bullied!”