One Year Birth Attendant

Looking for an online birth attendant training course or a non clinical alternative to midwifery? Look no further than the Artemis Birth Attendant Academy. Created by Nickita Starck and Angela Chamberlain under the umbrella organisation When Push Comes To Shove in 2022, this non-clinical training program aims to close the education gap for parents and birth workers alike. The one-year online program includes live seminars and in-person skills workshops, and will train you to become a birth attendant, enabling you to support natural birth.

Mainstream maternity services are currently overstretched, and many people are not receiving good quality care, often leading to ongoing trauma. As experienced birth practitioners, the course leaders understand how a poor birth experience can have negative outcomes for the whole family, and aim to reduce the leading cause of maternal death, which is suicide in the postnatal period. Studies have shown that continuity of care greatly reduces the need for medical intervention and improves outcomes for mothers and babies, but most care models are not in a position to implement a continuity model.

The Artemis Birth Attendant Academy offers training to fill the gaps in care not provided in the mainstream, allowing women and families to make truly informed choices about their care and feel understood and listened to. Birth is a natural process that occasionally requires medical intervention, not a medical process that occasionally happens naturally. Trauma from a poor birth experience is sadly commonplace and can have long-term negative effects on whole families.

Once trained, you will be in an excellent position to support natural birth and build your own successful business, with ongoing mentorship and support. The access fund ensures that low-income families have access to the care they deserve. Positive birth experiences lead to healthy children and families. Join the childbirth revolution and become a birth attendant through the Artemis Birth Attendant Academy.

“This course is incredible, it’s been part of an empowering journey. Not only do you learn about physiological birth, you learn how to support a woman through pregnancy and birth. The knowledge I have gained I can now pass on to others, I can be part of positive change for women ready to take responsibility for their births back. Peace on earth begins at birth, it really does.”

Hazel, Student

“Having come across Nickita through all the amazing work she does to advocate for women and their choices in birth I knew it was a course I wanted to do. Having now completed it I can honestly say it has changed my life. Nickita has created a platform for like-minded women to truly discuss and understand the majesty of our nature as woman and mothers. The course was comprehensive and taught in an extremely safe and welcoming environment. The learning is also continuous after the course ensuring all new Doulas are supported and part of a tribe. I’ve had the opportunity to meet incredible women and to learn far more than just the practical side of what being a Doula is, the course has opened up a deep spiritual yerning and all I feel now is LOVE. Thank you to Nickita and Rachel and to all the beautiful women I’ve started this journey with!”

Angela, Student

“Before I started the Doula course, I was afraid of another intense study course, where you wouldn’t be able to keep up.
This course though is a revolutionary wealth of knowledge that keeps you so engaged that you don’t want to be anywhere else. I connected with the ways Nickita is teaching, as it truly comes from the heart!
So grateful I could take this opportunity to expand beyond the horizon of seeing birthing and pregnancy just as it is pictured everywhere else!”

Antonia, Student
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