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This letter can help you get patient-centered care from the maternity system when being held in the hospital against your will by providing a clear and concise set of questions and concerns that address your rights as a patient and mother. By outlining your priorities for the safety and wellbeing of your child, you can establish a respectful and collaborative relationship with the healthcare providers and promote a shared decision-making approach. The questions raised in the letter demonstrate a proactive and informed attitude towards your child’s healthcare needs, while also emphasising the importance of evidence-based practice, legal and ethical considerations, and human rights principles. By asking for NICE guidelines, evidence-based information, and alternative care plans, you can challenge any assumptions or biases that may underlie the medical recommendations and ensure that your baby’s best interests are being served. By invoking the NHS Constitution and the Human Rights Act, you can assert your rights as a patient and hold the healthcare providers accountable for their actions. Finally, by requesting an open dialogue and timely response, you can facilitate effective communication and build trust and rapport with the healthcare team. Overall, this letter can help you advocate for yourself and your baby and ensure that you receive high-quality, person-centered care that respects your values, preferences, and needs.

Your Name

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Consultant midwife / Consultant/Trust Directors Name Hospital Address


Dear [Consultant Midwife/ consultant ]


I am writing to understand the extent of your concerns with my baby {NAME} born on {DATE}.

As a new mother, my top priority is the safety of my child and having enough information to make an informed decision about his healthcare needs. I would also like to understand his medical needs thoroughly.

I would really appreciate it if you would be so kind as to answer a few questions so I am able to understand better the care plan for my child.

  • I have been informed that my child has an infection and has subsequently received antibiotics. I have been told that my child has to remain in hospital for two weeks after a negative blood test. My baby appears to be healthy and shows no symptoms of being unwell. Would you be so kind as to provide me with NICE guidelines that my baby must remain here for two weeks.
  • Are these recommendations / guidelines law?
  • If the next blood test results are negative for infection, does his stay in hospital require consent from myself as his mother?
  • Would you be so kind as to provide me with evidence based information that indicates my baby will be in danger if I were to take him home instead of staying for two weeks. I would like to understand what this advice is based on.
  • Can you please provide me with an alternative care plan for my baby so I may take him home so we can bond in line with Article 8 of The Human Rights Act 1998. I am not declining treatment, I am only asking for an alternative care plan in line with The NHS Constitution, specifically Principle Number 4 “It should support individuals to promote and manage their own health. NHS services must reflect, and should be coordinated around and tailored to, the needs and preferences of patients, their families and their carers.”
  • I am sad to say I have been threatened with social services and even being reported to the police for wanting to take my baby home. I found this to be unnecessarily intimidating and even an abuse of authority. I do understand staff have a duty of care and we all would like what is best for my baby. So in light of this, would you be so kind as to provide me with the Multi Agency Safeguarding Threshold that was met for such a threat to be vocalised by staff at your hospital?

I would very much appreciate an open dialogue so we can proceed with a care plan for my baby. I am sure you will understand my need to properly understand all the recommendations that staff have offered. I kindly ask that you reply to my request in a timely manner so I can move on with my beautiful baby and enjoy being a mother.

I trust your staff will uphold the NHS constitution and treat me with compassion, respect and dignity.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my questions so I am able to exercise informed consent for the care of my baby.


Kind Regards


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