This letter will help women who are being told their baby is ‘too big’ and must be induced because it addresses important questions and concerns that many women have when faced with this situation. By asking for evidence-based information, statistics, and expert opinions, the letter empowers women to make informed decisions about their own healthcare and encourages healthcare providers to consider individual circumstances rather than making blanket recommendations. This can lead to better outcomes for both mothers and babies and help women feel more confident and in control during the birthing process.

Remember you are NOT on trial. It is not up to you to prove your body will not fail you, it is up to them to prove it will.

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Dear [Consultant Midwife/ consultant ]

  1. If you are concerned about shoulder dystocia – what percentage of ‘big babies’ experience this, and of those babies, how many of them were induced?
  2. Can you experience shoulder dystocia with a small baby?
  3. What percentage of induced babies are in the NICU
  4. Do you have evidence based information that has not combined outcomes of ‘big babies’ with gestational diabetes babies?
  5. What margin of error do your scans carry? Would you like to comment on the Rossi et al study?
  6. Out of the babies your trust have diagnosed as ‘big’ with ultrasound, how many of those babies were ‘big’?
  7. Is it normal in nature for babies to outgrow their mothers?
  8. If you suspect GDM, what food do you recommend I eat?
  9. Out of the mothers who experienced severe tears in your trust who birthed ‘big’ babies, how many of them gave birth in lithotomy?

Would you care to comment on the (Sedah-Mestechkin et al. 2008) study which suggests Women who were suspected of having a big baby were three times more likely to have an induction or caesarean, and were four times more likely to have complications such as severe perineal tearing and postpartum haemorrhage compared with the women that unexpectedly gave birth to a ‘big’ baby.

I would appreciate if you could respond to my questions in a timely manner as I am nearing the end of my pregnany.

Kind Regards

[Sign Name]

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